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Abstract Color Wheels

Grade level: Adaptive

Students look at abstract painter Robert Rauschenberg and his art with letters. After gluing their initials and a black paper shape on a white piece of paper, they spread primary colors (using matt board pieces) to make secondary colors. Lastly, they add black until they feel their artwork is finished.


Birds of Different Feathers

Grade level: 6

The class participates in tolerance activities to prompt discussions about 'different and alike.' Then they create their own birds of different feathers using oil pastels and construction paper. Students include a message which their birds are carrying to the world.


Hundertwasser: Architect

Grade level: 6

Students learn about Austrian artist and architect Friedrich Hundertwasser and look at the buildings he designed. Students design a part of a building - door, window or dome - in his style and add bright colors. The whimsical shapes and patterns should tell a bit about themselves.


Inside and Outside of Me

Grade level: 5

Students consider prejudice and tolerance by exploring ways in which we are all alike. They then learn about for 'artist heroes' who drew their creative strength from accepting and nurturing their personal differences. Students investigate the concept of tolerance by creating an 'inside and outside of me self portrait' using words, color and pattern.


Tolerance Banners

Grade level: 4

After viewing and discussing the images of the United Nations Six Flags of Tolerance, students create a positive-negative design based on a Japanese paper cutting technique called Notan.