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Birds of Different Feathers

Grade level: 6

The class participates in tolerance activities to prompt discussions about 'different and alike.' Then they create their own birds of different feathers using oil pastels and construction paper. Students include a message which their birds are carrying to the world.


Collaborative Peace

Grade level: 2

The book No One Can Ever Steal Your Rainbow by Barbara Meislin is used for inspiration. The students create a “peace” mural by designing their own rainbow on 'puzzle pieces' and assembling into a class mural. Each student writes a wish for the world and the wishes then become part of the art.


Murals of Our Towns and Villages

Grade level: 3

Students learn about muralist Diego Rivera and how he used perspective to show near and far. A mural of their own town or village is drawn after planning the important resources, buildings, animals and landmarks that need to be included in the mural.


Ocean Life Diorama

Grade level: 4

Students look closely at photographs of life in tropical coral reefs or under Alaskan oceans. With inspiration from the photographs, students use oil pastels and construction paper to create an under ocean life diorama which includes fish or marine mammals in a habitat.


Tolerance Banners

Grade level: 4

After viewing and discussing the images of the United Nations Six Flags of Tolerance, students create a positive-negative design based on a Japanese paper cutting technique called Notan.