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Athabascan Mittens

Grade level: Kindergarten

Students will examine the traditional lifestyle of Athabascan people. They will look at clothing, and the types and materials used for decoration. After looking closely at beading, students will design their own beaded mitten.


Color Critters

Grade level: Kindergarten

Students will listen to the story White Rabbit's Color Book in which White Rabbit jumps through primary color paints and turns brown. After some practice in mixing primary colored oil pastels in many combinations and discovering new colors, they will create a colorful critter from their practice sheet.


Henry Moore Sculpture

Grade level: Kindergarten

Students will study the artist Henry Moore who made sculptures of people. They create a simple figure out of paper and clay. These figures include “holes” or negative space in the style of Henry Moore's sculptures.


Landscapes with David Mollett

Grade level: Kindergarten

Students examine landscapes by Fairbanks artist David Mollett looking at fore, middle and backgrounds. They then paint a landscape demonstrating what they learned.


Love Those Anemones

Grade level: Kindergarten

Students look at pictures of sea anemones and discuss radial design. They learn primary colors and then paint a large anemone with a wave-line background.



Grade level: Kindergarten

Students will learn about textures. They will go on a texture hunt in their room naming textures they find. Then they will make rubbings from texture forms, cut them out, and put them on a stick to make a "Shape-ka-Bob."



Grade level: Kindergarten

Students read book Camille and the Sunflowers, a story about Vincent Van Gogh, and learn of his love for painting sunflowers. Inspired by this, they paint a sunflower of their own.


Vincent Van Gogh Self-Portraits

Grade level: Kindergarten

Students study the self-portraits of the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. They look at his impressionist style of painting and then create their own self-portrait in tempera paints.