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Amason's Whimsical Animals

Grade level: 5

Students look at the whimsical animal paintings of Alvin Amason, an Alaskan Native artist. Students begin their own animal paintings using basic shapes and playful color choices, adding large brush strokes in his painting style.


Andy Goldsworthy: Art From the Earth

Grade level: 5

Students study Andy Goldsworthy, a British artist who transforms nature into art, photographs it, and lets it return to nature. They then go outside to create art from only nature -- no tools allowed! When done, they photograph their work and write abou tthe art they made and the process they used.


Bicycles: Art on the Move

Grade level: 5

Students learn about the history of the bicycle. They work through the artist process by drawing a bicycle from memory, by observation, using tools and then from memory again. They arrange their drawings into a collage for display.


Diatoms: Microscopic Jewels

Grade level: 5

Students are introduced to the 17th century Dutch scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the microscope he developed, his discoveries and his methods of recording those discoveries. They create a colorful microscopic view of diatoms using watercolors and black crayon 'resist.'


Inside and Outside of Me

Grade level: 5

Students consider prejudice and tolerance by exploring ways in which we are all alike. They then learn about for 'artist heroes' who drew their creative strength from accepting and nurturing their personal differences. Students investigate the concept of tolerance by creating an 'inside and outside of me self portrait' using words, color and pattern.


Michelangelo's Hands

Grade level: 5

Students study the life of the Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo, focusing on two of his best-known works, the marble sculpture Pieta and a small part of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. They create a modeled or shaded drawing of their hand in a sign language position, cut it out and mount it pop-up style to look like a piece of sculpture.


Northern Migrations: Cranes, Caribou, Salmon

Grade level: 5

Students discuss northern migrations and study photos and artwork showing migrations of cranes, caribou and salmon. They consider design elements that create a sense of movement before using watercolors, oil pastel and cut-paper stencils to create a mixed media artwork of cranes, salmon or caribou in motion.