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A Color Of Our Own

Grade level: 1

This lesson is based on the illustrations in the book “A Color of His Own”, by Leo Lionni. Students each produce a cut out chameleon in Lionni’s style and two pages of painted paper. They camouflage their chameleons in the painted paper. Both can be made into a class book or a bulletin board.


African Painted Rhythms

Grade level: 1

Students learn about warm and cool colors as they create an artwork using lines, texture and pattern. South African music inspires the rhythm and patterns as students use watercolors to create the final product.


Alaska Bear Dreams

Grade level: 1

Students learn about the habits and habitats of Alaska’s bears. After reading and sharing a children’s book on bears, students explore the topic of hibernation. They create a drawing of a hibernating bear, complete with cut paper shapes representing the bear’s dreams.


Animal Portraits with Todd Sherman

Grade level: 1

Students are introduced to the colorful portraits of Fairbanks artist Todd Sherman. Todd enjoys painting animals, friends and family, often adding humor to his art by having animals acting and looking like people. Students paint their own “self-portrait" as an Alaskan animal in the style of Todd Sherman.


Eric Carle Mural

Grade level: 1

After sharing the book Where are You Going? To See my Friend, students discuss real and abstract artwork. They will learn how to use texture rubbings to create torn paper animals and people. Students then assemble a collaborative work of art displaying characters from the book.


Folded Lines

Grade level: 1

Students learn about two different artists, Alexander Calder and Piet Mondrian. They compare the two types of art they both used--sculpture and painting. They create their own 3D work of art combining these two artist styles.


Mondrian Trees

Grade level: 1

Students learn about Piet Mondrian who painted trees all his life using different styles. They then draw and paint a tree in the style of Piet Mondrian.


Mouse Colors

Grade level: 1

Students learn the primary colors and discover what happens when paints are mixed by experimenting on large paper. While their paintings dry, students read Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. Then a class graph is created to see which colors they found. Each student traces a “foot” on their dried painted paper, cuts it out and glues it to the color graph in the matching color column.


On Mother's Lap

Grade level: 1

Students view impressionist artwork while discussing the subject of family closeness. Students then share the book On Mother’s Lap, by Ann Hebert Scott. Students create an interactive artwork involving a chair and puppets. Students can tell their own story about their family using their artwork.