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A Color Of Our Own

Grade level: 1

This lesson is based on the illustrations in the book “A Color of His Own”, by Leo Lionni. Students each produce a cut out chameleon in Lionni’s style and two pages of painted paper. They camouflage their chameleons in the painted paper. Both can be made into a class book or a bulletin board.


Hokusai Insect Prints

Grade level: 4

Students will learn about the Japanese printmaker Katsushika Hokusai, best known for his print “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”. They will create Japanese children’s style prints, using insects as imagery.


Jellybean Books

Grade level: 4

Students write a color poem using their five senses. They will then create a small "jellybean" book and decorate it using a simple printing technique. Students then further embellish their book and may include their original poems within.


Snowflake Prints

Grade level: 4

Students explore connections between math, science and art through studying the beauty and structure of snowflakes. They examine the snowflake photographs of scientist Wilson Bentley and Kenneth Libbrecht, creating original snowflake prints and cut-paper snowflake designs which demonstrate radial symmetry.