Caribou on the Tundra

Grade 3

Linda Pfisterer, Art Specialist

Students learn about the habits and habitat of caribou and their relationship to Athabascan people. They draw lichen growing on the tundra using layers of land to show perspective. Tissue paper and watercolor paint embellish the caribou on the tundra collage.

Objectives and assessment criteria

Students will:

  1. discuss the flora of the tundra, the caribou that need the food it provides, and the Athabascan people who use the caribou for food, clothing and shelter.
  2. recognize the visual differences of the three layers of land--foreground, middle ground and background.
  3. practice drawing the tundra foreground flora, making plants large and detailed because they are near.
  4. draw the caribou while carefully observing contour line and shapes.